Are Your Plugins Compatible With The Latest Version Of WordPress?

Are Your Plugins Compatible With The Latest Version Of WordPress?

Yes, they are compatible with the latest version of WordPress.
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    • What Is The Process Of Upgrading Your Plugin To A Latest Version?

      You can log in and go to the ‘My Account’ page. Here you can find the licenses table. You can download the ZIP file for the latest plugin. This way you can download your latest version of the plugin. You can read the instructions on how to upgrade ...
    • Does Your Plugins Work With WordPress Multisite Network?

      Yes, our all plugins work with WordPress Multisite Network. you can read more about Multisite Network.
    • If You Want To Test Your Plugin, Then Which Browser Or Browser Version Do You Use?

      We use modern browsers to test your plugins such as: the latest versions of Firefox, Internet Explorer 8+, Safari, Opera, and Google Chrome. Before buying our plugins, you can look our live demo and it operates with the latest version of WordPress.
    • How Frequently Are Our Plugins Updated?

      Whenever any new version of Word Press is introduced, we check whether it is compatible with our plugins and we update it if it is necessary. Whenever we discover any bug or any other technical error, we update the version and sometimes we even add ...
    • What Do You Mean By WordPress?

      WordPress is a content management system which is primarily used to create, publish and manage content on your website. Simply put, WordPress helps you to build a website from scratch and add content such as images, blog posts, landing pages. It is ...