Can I Alter The Plugin According To My Websites Personal Needs?

Can I Alter The Plugin According To My Websites Personal Needs?

Yes, you can alter the plugin, but you should not resell our products. You can change various features such as the colors, images, layouts fonts, and also modify the design of the plugin. You can change the plugin if your customer demands. We design our plugins in such a way that they look great. The download package of your plugin consists of CSS and WordPress template files. Hence, they can be customized in many ways. Read more about customizations here.
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    • For Buying Any Individual Plugin, Should I Pay Any Fees?

      No. After Buying Any Individual Plugin. You only pay once after buying the plugin and you are not re-billed.
    • What Is The Process Of Updating Plugin?

      You must simply click on “Update” of the plugin menu at admin panel. If you are not able to update in that manner and then click on to manually update your plugins from your account at our site.
    • What Does The Purchased Plugin Consist Of?

      Purchased plugins consist of, font files, php Files and other necessary templates file. If you have any problem regarding the purchased plugin, then you can contact us at live support to clear your doubts.
    • Am I Allowed To Translate A Plugin Into Another Language?

      Yes you can. Almost, every plugin that we provide is localization support and hence, you can easily translate it to any other language. Every plugin includes one file, and hence our user can edit only one file. Our plugins can be translated to any ...
    • After Customizing The Plugin, Can I Resell It?

      No, after customization also, you cannot resell the plugin. If you get a permanent license, you can sell it to your customer for business purposes. Normally we are not giving permanent license to anyone.