Operate your Theme By Using Third Party Plugins along with our plugins

Can I Operate My Theme By Using Third Party Plugins along with your plugins?

Yes, you can operate your themes with the third party plugins. But yet, we cannot ensure that they operate. But our plugins can work with any theme and is really easy to setup and customise.
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    • Are The Plugins Search Engine Optimized?

      Yes. WordPress is a user-friendly engine. We constantly make changes with plugins keeping in mind Google’s factors pertaining to SEO. We undertake many activities such as using proper tags, placement of title, changing headings, adding valid code, ...
    • Do Your Plugins Work With “Xxx” Plugin?

      There are too many third-party plugins available in the market. We cannot ensure that all e-plugins are compatible with our plugins. But our plugins are designed to go along with most of them.
    • Using WordPress.Com Free Hosted Account Can I Use Your Theme?

      You can use our theme (Event Listing Free Theme) only on a self-hosted WordPress blog and you can download it from WordPress.org. WordPress.com is provide free hosting space and you can host your theme there.
    • Does Your Theme Demo Consist Of Dummy Content data?

      Yes, we provide free event listing theme and it contains dummy data with all necessary file and instructions. If you want to download free theme, then go to our addons section.
    • Are All Your Plugins Widget-Ready?

      Yes, all of them are widget ready (if the theme’s design allows widgets)