Do I Need To Renew My License?

Do I Need To Renew My License?

If you want continue support and update then you need to renew license. Licences are valid for one year from the date of purchase. When your licence expires you’ll be able to renew your key via your account page.
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    • If I Cancel or do not renew next year, Then What Happens To The Plugins?

      If you cancel your membership subscription, then you cannot download plugins from the list. You cannot access the Forum Support also. You can either choose to remain with us and renew your subscription and grow with us enjoying our regular updates. ...
    • Do You Offer Support For Purchased Plugins If I Need Help?

      Yes. If you have a valid licence you’ll be able to use our get support system for help.
    • After Customizing The Plugin, Can I Resell It?

      No, after customization also, you cannot resell the plugin. If you get a permanent license, you can sell it to your customer for business purposes. Normally we are not giving permanent license to anyone.
    • Do You Provide Support?

      When you subscribe to us and purchase our plugins or addons, you get fully accessed to our documentation, Tutorials and Support system. If you want any technical support, An active licence is required in order to post a support ticket. If your ...
    • What Is The Process Of Upgrading Your Plugin To A Latest Version?

      You can log in and go to the ‘My Account’ page. Here you can find the licenses table. You can download the ZIP file for the latest plugin. This way you can download your latest version of the plugin. You can read the instructions on how to upgrade ...