Process Of Installing A New Plugins

What Is The Process Of Installing A New Plugins/Addons?

When you purchase a plugin you can read the instructions that are mentioned in the documentation.
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    • How Frequently Are Our Plugins Updated?

      Whenever any new version of Word Press is introduced, we check whether it is compatible with our plugins and we update it if it is necessary. Whenever we discover any bug or any other technical error, we update the version and sometimes we even add ...
    • What Is The Process Of Updating Plugin?

      You must simply click on “Update” of the plugin menu at admin panel. If you are not able to update in that manner and then click on to manually update your plugins from your account at our site.
    • Do Your Plugins Work With “Xxx” Plugin?

      There are too many third-party plugins available in the market. We cannot ensure that all e-plugins are compatible with our plugins. But our plugins are designed to go along with most of them.
    • Specifically, Why Should I Buy your Plugins?

      Our premium plugins are really professional, impressive, responsive and easy to customizable. Our team constant provide you support. Our premier plugins expand the functionality of your event management website empowering you to compete with ...
    • Can I Operate My Theme By Using Third Party Plugins along with your plugins?

      Yes, you can operate your themes with the third party plugins. But yet, we cannot ensure that they operate. But our plugins can work with any theme and is really easy to setup and customise.